Design for Human Connection,

Not Just the Click

I'm Rich McCoy, think of me as your trusty digital Swiss Army Knife – versatile, adaptable, and always ready to tackle whatever challenge you throw my way.
Sure, I've worked with giants like Trade Me and Nationwide, and even honed my skills at legendary agencies like AKQA London, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, Digitas London, and Isobar Paris. But the truth is, I get just as excited helping a scrappy startup find its voice as I do crafting a global campaign or multimillion pound/dollar digital product.

My secret weapons...
Empathy, a knack for connecting the dots, and a future vision that's a little bit crazy and a whole lot inspiring. I'm no data wizard, but I can sniff out insights like a bloodhound, then weave them into stories that resonate like your favorite childhood song.

Freelance, contract, permanent, strategic lead, or in the weeds. Global nomad, art enthusiast, archer, twin dad, mentor. That's just the tip of the iceberg. I thrive on chaos, find purpose in the unexpected, and believe in the power of collaboration and creativity to make the world a little less, well, bland.

Explore my portfolio timeline, the creative services I offer, a little about who I am or Drop me a line! We might just create something epic.
Or if it is art you are after swing by - it is where things get even more esoteric.